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Meck-Tec, Inc. owns three underground silver mines located in the beautiful Humboldt mountains in Pershing County, Nevada.  The mines are on 18 patented mining claims (360 acres) on the east side of the range.

The Queen of Sheba, DeSoto, and Silver Reef mines are in the historical Star mining district. High-grade silver ore was discovered and mined in 1861.  Production for the Queen of Sheba has been estimated to be from a range of $5,000,000 to $11,000,000 when silver was $1.35/ounce.  The Big Chamber bonanza stope alone produced $3,500,000.  No records have been found for the production from the DeSoto and Silver Reef mines.
The geology of the three mines strongly suggests that relatively unexplored areas of the Sheba vein at and near surface have a high chance of containing blind bonanza grade, silver ore bodies. Additional minerals are lead, antimony, copper, zinc and gold. The ore bodies in the mines occur in the lower Prida members of the Triassic Star Peak formation, as well as the underlying Permian Koipato rhyolitic rocks, which have a high competency for veining. In the east part of the Sheba mine, the 3-4 thick, steeply west dipping Sheba fissure-filled vein in the Koipato rhyolite rocks reportedly refracted upward into a broad stock work zone of ore bearing, stringer veins and mineralized fracture cleavage, as the vein passes upward into the Lower Prida limestone and clastic rocks (Ransome, 1904; Cameron,1939).
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